Guides for a Road Less Travelled

Developed by Youth Ministers

Trailblazing was developed by real live youth ministers for real live youth ministers. We know what you're facing, and want to help.

Tested by Practitioners

Each course is reviewed by an incredibly gifted group of seminary professors and youth ministry practitioners before going live.

Navigating New Terrain

Equip yourself with reliable gear for the trail ahead. From biblical studies to leadership, spiritual practices to worldview, our courses have you covered.

Companions on the Journey

Youth ministry is about so much more than fun events and youth group meetings – it’s about engaging young people in deep theological reflection so that they can be the body of Christ both today and tomorrow. Trailblazing helps our young leaders and their mentors do just that!

There are far too many passionate, creative people of all ages with the capacity to do great ministry alongside young people who think they are too old, too inexperienced or don’t have the right training to do so. Trailblazing sets a firm foundation for youth ministry through its accessible and relevant trainings that speak directly to Anglicans across Canada!

Trailblazing is my new main youth ministry resource. As a half-time parish youth minister, I don’t have the time to filter through all of the latest youth ministry manuals and books. Trailblazing’s forums help me connect with others in similar positions, and the courses provide grounded, practical insights that strengthen my ministry.

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You can do them in any order (though we do have some suggested prerequisites), repeat them, review specific content for a refresher etc.

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