Who’s It For?

Trailblazing is for…

…Volunteers in youth ministry

…Youth Ministry staff who want to deepen their own training and get some theological roots

…young people in leadership roles

…older people in leadership roles

…People with theological training (including ordained clergy) who are looking for ways to engage young people in theological reflection, spiritual practice and deeper connection to the faith community and the world around them.

Trailblazing gives you skills in how to think (not what to think).  How to get to the root of things.  How to ask good questions.  How to take the next step.


Trailblazing is an incredible tool for individuals and groups engaged in Youth Ministry.

You can take part in the program as in individual and make connection through your participation in our online forums.

Or, you might choose to gather more formally with a group of people in your area. Together, you’ll deepen the learning experience through face-to-face shared conversation and reflection.

Your parish or diocese might even consider hiring one of the course instructors to facilitate an in-person workshop on a topic that’s important to you in your ministry context.

Grab your hiking boots and join us to blaze new trails in youth ministry in Canada.