Why “Trailblazing”?

The idea for the “Trailblazing” name came from a walk on the Bruce Trail in Southwestern Ontario.

The path was marked with distinctive white markers to let walkers know they are still on the path. The trail is a combination of meadows, rich fertile fields, steep climbs, big cliffs and spectacular new views around every corner. It seemed the perfect metaphor for a learning program that will change the way you live your faith and minister amongst youth.

Distinctive markings on the trail indicate side paths to interesting destinations. Our learning modules contain similar side trails that will take you temporarily off the main trail to go deeper with related ideas. Keep your eyes open for the following markings:


Point of Interest
Points of Interest provide the opportunity to explore an idea further, or to wrestle with related ideas. Just click on the icon and take a jaunt on this journey of discovery.



Forums provide an opportunity to engage specific ideas in deeper discussion with youth ministers from across the country. A simple click will take the conversation to new depths.



You might encounter something along the way you want to take with you. Clicking on the backpack icon will take you to a list of resources related to your current trail.