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creationofadamIntro to Theology
Theology is one of the most important skills that we can learn and the one that’s the most overlooked. Through taking this course, and engaging other students in conversation, we will become people who explore, practice and teach theology to others.  Lead writer: Judy Steers


youth1Youth Ministry Foundations
Are we investing in young people because they are “the church of tomorrow,” or because we want them to grow deeper in their relationship with Christ, today? In this module, we’ll explore the mixed motivations for youth ministry, and set some firm foundations on which we can build for the future. Lead writer: Andrew Stephens-Rennie.


Worldview & The Gospel
Throughout this course, we’ll explore the concept of worldview, what it has to say to us about the world we live in, and how we understand it. This module will also help us to understand some of the challenges of ministering amongst young people in our modern western context, and ways in which we can engage young people in meaningful response to the Christian gospel.  Lead writer: Andrew Stephens-Rennie.
Mountain Climb

Belief & Practice
If you ask the average person what being a Christian means, most will probably tell you that it’s about morals, and behaving a particular way. They might also tell you that it’s what you believe about God and Jesus. But being a Christian is about so much more. This module is a continuation of “Worldview & the Gospel” and in this module, we’ll explore ways of developing an integrated faith in the midst of a world that demands something far different from us.  Lead writer: Andrew Stephens-Rennie.


Reverberations-of-Faith1Reverberations of Faith
Music is the lifeblood of youth culture. But how should we engage young people in understanding that culture, the various assumptions it makes, and its relationship to Christian faith? In this module, we’ll take some time to explore a variety of ways we can better understand contemporary culture through the lens of music, and create space for meaning-filled conversation. Lead writer: Andrew Stephens-Rennie


buildingcommunityBuilding Community
As youth ministers, building community is at the heart of what we do. In this module, we’ll explore ways of understanding community, and practices that will help us to build genuine, healthy communities, together.  Lead writer: Judy Steers


Old_Bibles-1Story and Creation
This course is meant to help us understand how stories work, and why we tell them. As Christians, we are people of a Book, telling God’s story with our own lives. So, what is a story? How do the stories we tell shape our worldview?  Lead writer: Jenny Salisbury


film2 Using Film and Television in Youth Ministry
Film & Television are powerful storytelling tools that are ripe for use in our ministries with and amongst youth. But how can we take these conversations deeper than our typical questions? How can we accompany young people in their discernment as they have their own encounters with great (and not-so-great!) television and film?  Lead writer: Phil Colvin


Watching Between The Lines
This module is a continuation of “Using Film and Television in Youth Ministry,” and focuses on specific practices we can use with young people in interpreting and understanding film & television.  Lead writer: Phil Colvin.



Mission                 NEW and NOW AVAILABLE

Through multiple lenses and some unconventional angles, this module explores how we understand “Mission”, and how we engage young people in Christian mission and service. Lead writer: Gillian Hoyer.


Coming Soon:
Using Games effectively in Youth Ministry

Biblical Studies (first in a series of five modules)

What’s our Story?  (Church History and exploring ‘where we have come from’ with youth)